500 Filipinos stranded in California amid Covid-19 scare

500 Filipino crew members were among the thousands stuck on Grand Princess cruise ship in California Coast as the new coronavirus (COVID-19) fears rose following some passengers and crew members exhibited symptoms of the virus.

The Magsaysay People Resouces, a local recruitment firm, disclosed that tests are being conducted to the crew who are suspected to have contracted the disease.

US officials delayed the return of the cruise ship to San Francisco from Hawaii to test the people potentially infected of COVID-19 on board, Wednesday night.

Operator of Grand Princess cruise ship and California Governor Gavin Newsom said a 71-year-old man who was onboard the ship during cruise in Mexico died after contracting COVID-19—the first recorded fatality of the disease in California.

Eleven passengers and 10 crew members are suspected to be infected with the deadly virus.

The Grand Diamond belongs to Princess Cruises—the company operated with coronavirus-stricken ship in Japan the previous month having more than 700 people infected.