Vatican sets Easter rites live stream due to COVID-19 threat

The Vatican announced on Sunday that its traditional Easter week celebrations will be held without worshipers this year as a precautionary measure against the global threat of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

The Prefecture of Pontifical Household, office in charge of Pope Francis' schedule, said all the liturgical celebrations on Holy Week will take place without the “physical presence” of the faithful as their protection against the deadly virus.

They also said that general audience that wishes to participate in the sacred event will have to head to their official Vatican News website which the Holy Father will be there until April 12.

As of late Saturday, there are 1,441 reported fatalities and 21,000 Italians who tested positive of COVID-19.

Earlier, the Archdiocese of Manila suspended masses in Metro Manila starting March 14 following the COVID-19 outbreak reaching code red sub level 2.