NCR officials bare LGU protocol for Covid-19 testing

National Capital Region (NCR) mayors and other concerned government officials held a closed door meeting on Tuesday and shared the protocol Local Government Units (LGUs') will implement for new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the country.

MMDA General Manager and attendee of the meeting Jojo Garcia bared the officials discussion about the actions LGUs will take for the diagnosis of COVID-19.

He shared that some already have test kits for the virus while others are still procuring supplies.

While other LGUs still dont have COVID-19 test kits, local public clinics and hospitals in municipalities can just send the persons under investigation (PUI's) sample to hospitals equipped with proper supplies for the detection of the deadly disease.

The MMDA general manager also warned the public against crowded areas claiming that if a place has 50 or more people in it, people should avoid it.

However, Garcia added that NCR lockdown will only happen if code red sub level 1 is raised to 2 to which the determining factor is when community transmissions occur.